#11468 NORM Not Tri: XO-1 keyboard remapping issue after long uptime

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Wed Nov 16 12:52:09 EST 2011

#11468: XO-1 keyboard remapping issue after long uptime
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 Sam has reproduced the original keyboard remapping issue in #11223 on an
 XO-1 running build 883 and Q2E46, by leaving the system running for a few

 i8042 debugging shows that incorrect scan codes are being received by the

 The 'j' key generates 0x59 (make) and 0xd9 (break), which (I think)
 corresponds to the F2 key

 The 'k' key generates 0x15 (make) and 0x95 (break), which is the 'y' key

 The 'l' key generates no scan codes.

 The system has been left running in this state in case further diagnosis
 can be performed.

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