#11439 NORM 11.3.1: Move console from tty0 to a non-X console

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#11439: Move console from tty0 to a non-X console
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Comment(by Quozl):

 Fedora 14 uses tty1 for the X console.  There is no tty0.  tty0 has a
 special meaning of "all consoles".  All kernel messages are emitted to all
 virtual terminals.  This can be demonstrated by ''chvt 2'' through to
 ''chvt 5'' followed by an action that emits a kernel message, such as a
 press of the power button.

 I don't think changing console=tty0 to console=tty2 will do any good for
 you, but you can try it in olpc.fth if you like.

 I think what you really want is a way to see kernel messages while X is
 running, and perhaps a way to change to a text console even if X is hung.

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