#11288 NORM 1.75-so: XO-1.75 accelerometer chip change

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#11288: XO-1.75 accelerometer chip change
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Comment(by Quozl):

 Tested 3.0.0_xo1.75-20111108.1609.olpc.950826f on C1.  The values are
 consistent with acceleration due to gravity, in each of six orientations.

 I did not check for consistency against previous values.

 The values are indeed much smaller than before, which is a loss of
 available resolution.  Some activities have already taken advantage of the
 higher available resolution of the B1 sensor, but I don't know how they
 will be impacted.

 The runin accelerometer test passes, with an average read rate of about
 276 reads per second.  There seems no need to change the script, given
 that the absolute value of the samples was never tested.

 dmesg shows
 [  661.475200] lis3lv02d: unknown sensor type 0x87
 [  661.486114] lis3lv02d_i2c: probe of 5-001d failed with error -22
 [  661.498398] lis3lv02d: 16 bits sensor found
 [  661.674668] input: ST LIS3LV02DL Accelerometer as

 Normal operation ensued.

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