#11171 NORM 1.75-ha: XO-1.75 touchpad jumps by X or Y coordinate

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Thu Dec 29 00:51:33 EST 2011

#11171: XO-1.75 touchpad jumps by X or Y coordinate
           Reporter:  Quozl      |       Owner:  wad          
               Type:  defect     |      Status:  new          
           Priority:  normal     |   Milestone:  1.75-hardware
          Component:  hardware   |     Version:  1.75-B1      
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Comment(by carrott):

 I moved the 00fsp.sh invocation to rc.local, so it is executes once at
 boot time and no longer executes during resume. Still testing with os21
 and firmware Q4C08 on Kid an XO-1.75 C1 I find that the touchpad is quite
 usable. It's not perfect but it's not terrible. Occasionally it does crazy
 things but removing the finger and replacing it after a second or so
 returns things to normal. With this fix the touch pad is much much better
 than a bad dual mode XO-1 and "different" to a good dual mode XO-1 touch
 pad. I say different because the sentelic touch pad does not track as
 precisely as a good dual mode XO-1 but it does not occasionally become
 unusable requiring a manual reset like the best XO-1 touch pads I've used.

 The fix persists across both the 20 second idle suspend and resume with
 touchpad as well as a shut laptop followed by a power button resume. I
 guess that the touchpad isn't being switched off in either case?

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