#11202 NORM 1.75-so: Ctrl-Alt-Erase does not kill X server

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#11202: Ctrl-Alt-Erase does not kill X server
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Changes (by sridhar):

 * cc: sridhar, jvonau (added)


 Ctrl+Alt+Erase does not work on 11.3.0 on XO-1.5s.

 This is a problem for OLPC Australia. We use Ctrl+Alt+Erase as a quick way
 to restart Sugar when things go wrong (and especially with children, that
 is inevitable). We include this keybinding in our training, so its removal
 is a regression for us.

 It's also very useful for development and testing.

 Downstream report: http://dev.laptop.org.au/issues/988

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