#10397 NORM Not Tri: XOs may fail to communicate in noisy 802.11 environment

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#10397: XOs may fail to communicate in noisy 802.11 environment
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Comment(by wad):

 No arguments with Martin's comment.

 I'm not an expert on DNS, but ran into a problem recently where my ISP
 under-provisioned the network link to their DNS server, and TCP requests
 (from individual clients) worked fine, whereas UDP requests (from my local
 DNS server) were dropped 95% of the time.

 Are you sure that the laptops which are unable to connect to the school
 server are properly obtaining DHSP addresses ?   IIRC, most of the time
 this happened in the past is was DHCP, not the TCP connection to the
 Jabber server, that was failing.

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