#9653 NORM 1.5-BTe: difficulties removing SD card from external slot

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Wed Nov 11 09:44:04 EST 2009

#9653: difficulties removing SD card from external slot
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Component:  hardware  |               Version:  1.5-B2   
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 In a fully-assembled XO-1.5 B2, if I put a SD card in the external slot it
 is very difficult to remove. It doesn't spring out like it should do, I
 think there is too much friction.

 The only way I can get it out is by removing the back cover and pushing it
 through with my finger.

 This may be specific to the type of SD card. I have 2 here and they are
 both affected: Sandisk extremeIII 4GB, and a Transcend miniSD card in a
 Transcend SD-to-miniSD adapter. However I also have a SD-card shaped
 "blanking plate" (from my Dell laptop, used to prevent dust getting into
 the SD card slot when there is no card inserted) that springs in and out
 just fine.

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