#9896 HIGH Not Tri: Ad-hoc network fails when XO goes into sleep

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Tue Dec 15 14:41:11 EST 2009

#9896: Ad-hoc network fails when XO goes into sleep
           Reporter:  edmcnierney   |       Owner:                
               Type:  defect        |      Status:  new           
           Priority:  high          |   Milestone:  Not Triaged   
          Component:  not assigned  |     Version:  1.5-B3        
         Resolution:                |    Keywords:  network ad-hoc
        Next_action:  never set     |    Verified:  0             
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Comment(by Quozl):

 Please obtain state from the systems at the following points:

  * before the suspend, and;
  * after the suspend once the UI is inconsistent.


  * the output of ''ifconfig -a''
  * the output of ''iwconfig eth0''
  * the content of /var/log
  * the output of ''dmesg''
  * the ''.sugar/default/logs'' filesystem tree

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