#9669 NORM 1.5-sof: Problems sharing activities

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#9669: Problems sharing activities
           Reporter:  bruno_fa  |       Owner:  edmcnierney        
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           Priority:  normal    |   Milestone:  1.5-software-update
          Component:  sugar     |     Version:  1.5-B2             
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Changes (by cjb):

 * cc: dsd (added)


 Here's the working case from the telepathy-salut log, connected to an AP:

 (telepathy-salut:3368): tp-glib-DEBUG: channel_request_new: New channel
 request at 0x859ef60: ctype=org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Channel.Type.Text
 htype=2 handle=1 suppress=1
 ** (telepathy-salut:3368): DEBUG: salut_ft_manager_handle_request: File
 transfer request
 ** (telepathy-salut:3368): DEBUG:
 salut_muc_manager_request_new_muc_channel: Didn't find address for room
 29e320e2021c644481e16d8a848913ba41ad9f8f, let's generate one
 ** (telepathy-salut:3368): DEBUG:
 gibber_muc_connection_create_random_address: Generated random address:
 ** (telepathy-salut:3368): DEBUG: start_joining: 875ae54e at xo-b7-a1-23
 (bf09f163): Started joining
 ** (telepathy-salut:3368): DEBUG:
 salut_muc_manager_request_new_muc_channel: Connect succeeded

 So, the logs start to diverge at
 gibber_muc_connection_create_random_address() failing.  I'm not sure why
 it fails on ad-hoc but not on AP.

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