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#8029: remove activity bundles from library
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   Priority:  blocker   |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2)  
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Comment(by mikus):

 Replying to [comment:17 mstone]:
 > Mikus,
 > Two comments:
 > first, the left-hand nav bar is empty because no library bundles are
 installed. Next, I was able to install several bundles by downloading them
 from [http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Collections] with Browse, then running
 them from the Journal. Third, the activity updater should now be capable
 of installing library bundles. Fourth, if the bundles are actually broken
 then they're broken and need to be fixed.
 > In practice, the manufacturing image we ship will come with some library
 content pre-installed. When we make a first-draft g1g1 derivative build, I
 would appreciate your feedback on it since I think it will fix up some of
 the causes of your frustration in testing a raw OS image.
 I try to be correct when I describe a problem.  In this case I said that
 Browse was not connected to the internet, so it did not help when you
 described downloading bundles with Browse from

 Note that http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Collections does not contain pointers
 to library bundles, but instead contains pointers to wiki pages that
 contain pointers to library bundles.

 [[BR]]I would imagine that sometimes installs (or updates) to 8.2 will
 need to be done in locations that do not have an internet connection, so I
 don't think mine was an isolated case.


 My basic complaint was that a potential OLPC user would have to dig and
 dig to come up with the explanation that when a library bundle is not
 accessible merely through clicks starting on the initial (default) Browse
 screen, what is needed is to ((1)) fetch (e.g., download) that .xol bundle
 and ((1a)) put in into the Journal, then ((2)) run that bundle from the

 [For instance, there is the 'sugar-install-bundle' CLI command for
 installing activity bundles.  Why isn't there an equivalent CLI command
 for installing library bundles ?]

 [And with 'sugar-install-bundle' I can install activity bundles into
 /home/olpc/Activities, WITHOUT taking up "room" in Journal.  I don't
 *want* to use a process for installing library bundles that depends on the
 continued existence of Journal entries.]

 [[BR]]I am unable to use the activity updater at home, because it does not
 support a way for me to set some environmental variables that are needed
 for use of my internet connection.  [That's why my Browse isn't connected
 -- I *can* change the Browse settings, but then I have to change them back
 whenever I leave home.  Easier to use Browse-with-internet only when I am
 not at home.]

 So I use the CLI 'sugar-control-panel' command instead (after first
 exporting the environmental variable settings).  It tells me about
 activity bundles -- but I have __NOT__ noticed it telling me about library

 [[BR]]To repeat, my complaint is not about the raw image not containing
 library bundles.  It is about there not existing a better DESCRIPTION of
 how, when an XO does not contain library bundles readable without fuss,
 such library bundles can be installed (even when Browse happens to be not
 connected to the internet).

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