#8927 NORM Not Tri: wlan dead and XO acting weird the morning after Browse froze

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Mon Nov 3 01:50:54 EST 2008

#8927: wlan dead and XO acting weird the morning after Browse froze
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 8.2-767 with Q2E18 (official 8.2.0 release via clean-install)

 I was using Browse to surf, until it slowed and hung, then I went to bed.
 The morning after, the XO is responsive again (not frozen), and Browse is
 still running, but the wireless LAN is dead (Browse cannot load any pages,
 says Try Again), and both wlan LEDs on leftside are dark.  Additionally,
 suspend/resume with powerbutton is very slow to react (about 20 seconds
 delay), and wlan does not come up after resume (wlan LEDs still dark).  #
 top in ctrl-alt-F1 console showed several gnash processes.  Neighborhood
 view looked normal, and showed my AP connected, though I suspect this was

 Additional fiddling made the XO even worse: I tried to view some logs
 using # more /var/logs/*  but character display in console got corrupted
 (keyboard commands still worked, but displayed with wrong characters on
 screen).  Ctrl-alt-erase to reboot sugar failed, it got into an apparent
 loop trying to reboot many times until I killed power.

 This is probably a non-reproducible situation, but I log it here in case
 someone else wants to report similar weirdness.

 I will attach a couple olpc-logs and maybe photographs.

 After powering up again, the XO is back to normal.

 The 'Version' field in Trac should have an 8.2-767 option added.

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