#6969 NORM Never A: Textual Player Refs in Imported Morphs

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Thu May 8 18:21:28 EDT 2008

#6969: Textual Player Refs in Imported Morphs
  Reporter:  dmoco           |       Owner:  etoys         
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Comment(by dmoco):

 Are you suggesting this is a 3.9 issue? The problem occurs when I load
 morphs with textual scripts created in other images
 (3.9/3.10/dev-image, etc, ie, not *just* 3.9) into the OLPC image. So
 to me it looks like an OLPC image issue and I don't see how a one
 image could anticipate unique morth/player naming for another image.

 PS: Just to reiterate, the issue arises because I want to transfer my
 existing morphs *from* other non-OLPC images *to* the OLPC image. Not
 an uncommon task I hope.

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