#6761 NORM Never A: Suspend/resume problems

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#6761: Suspend/resume problems
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 I'm running release-candidate update.1 691 (firmware Q2D13)  on a B4 test

 Closing the lid or pressing the power button has no effect (laptop does
 not go to sleep - power light stays on).

 I can make the laptop go to sleep by doing as root:

 echo mem > /sys/power/state

 but then closing the lid causes the laptop to wake up again (so what I
 have to do is "sleep 3 ; echo mem > /sys/power/state" and then close the
 lid before 3 seconds have passed; you can put this in a script or an alias
 of course).

 The above command does not shut off the backlight.  The backlight needs to
 either be turned off manually or done in script like this:

 cd /etc/ohm/plugins.d
 mv backlight.ini b
 echo backlight.hardware_brightness 0 public > backlight.ini
 /etc/init.d/ohmd restart
 mv b backlight.ini

 I tried using ohm-set-key instead but it has no effect on the backlight;
 you have to actually restart ohmd to change it.  (I don't know how the
 backlight keys manage to make it work.)

 I don't know why pressing the power button or closing the lid does not do
 this.  The fact that closing the lid when the laptop is suspended causes
 it to wake up indicates that the hardware lid-closing detector *is*
 working, so I don't know why closing it doesn't work.

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