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#6428: Key Manager Control Panel.
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Comment(by Eben):

 Replying to [comment:8 cscott]:
 > Slight hitch: can a control panel associate itself with a mime-type?
 Can I send a dbus message to activate a control panel?  How do I "click on
 a dev key" in Browse and install it, or click on it in the Journal and
 show it in the control panel view?

 Well, for one thing, this should simply replace the ugliness of dealing
 with Browse to get a dev key.  This module should tell you what the dev
 key is, let you request one if you want it, show the status while it's
 pending, and inform you once it's ready.  It should never require loading
 up special pages in browse, let alone require the user to type in the
 path. (I should make mockups for this...you could assign this ticket to me
 for that/)

 It's questionable how you want to handle the key as an "object".  Right
 now, we do no such thing; there is no entry in the Journal that represents
 a file for a dev key.  Perhaps we could add one.  More likely, though, it
 seems we just want an entry that says (in the future Journal) "you
 requested|activated your dev key <key> today".  If we start logging all
 preference changes ("you changed your colors", "you set a new preferred
 language", etc), then it would be reasonable to have a way for that entry
 to link to the appropriate module of the control panel. (In fact, we want
 similar behavior anyway so that the devices in the Frame can have a "More
 settings" button which jumps to the correct control panel module).  But I
 think this is different than making the control panel a mime-type handler.

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