#7485 HIGH Never A: no_console_suspend causes console output to be garbled

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Fri Jul 11 16:39:46 EDT 2008

#7485: no_console_suspend causes console output to be garbled
 Reporter:  dsaxena  |         Owner:  dsaxena       
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Component:  kernel   |       Version:  Update.1      
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 Upon resuming when no_console_suspend is enabled, all output from the
 serial console is garbled after:

 [ 7207.706097] PCI: cache line size of 32 is not supported by device

 If I suspend after this, I can see everything starting with "+r" until the
 point above. The "+r" is from OFW so we start out with the serial port
 properly configured and then something is causing the serial driver reset
 speed or other settings as we resume.

 This makes debugging of S/R issues rather painful.

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