#5818 BLOC Update.: Something in Update1-670 Breaks Unix Sockets over Stream Tubes

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#5818: Something in Update1-670 Breaks Unix Sockets over Stream Tubes
  Reporter:  bemasc    |       Owner:  mbletsas
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  Priority:  blocker   |   Milestone:  Update.1
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Changes (by mbletsas):

 * cc: carrano, javier at cozybit.com (added)


 > michailis: the present version of rainbow does not control accesses to
 the network and it certainly does not interfere in anyway with software
 running as root. I'm happy to continue to assist sjoerd and bemasc in
 debugging this simply because the networking failures seem to be sensitive
 to the existence of the /etc/olpc-security file; however, if this really
 is a wireless or NM problem then I'm likely to be more of a liability than
 an asset.


 Since I don't know what /etc/olpc-security does to the system, we really
 need to figure out why it affects the network interface. If we can't see
 arp requests, it seems to me that they are blocked somewhere.

 As far as I know, Woodhouse's Libertas rewrite hasn't made it into 6xx
 builds yet, so  I am assuming that nothing has changed on the wireless

 If interfaces are configured with IP addresses, NM seems to be doing its
 work correctly, so I wouldn't look there either. From what has been
 reported here, is seems that arp request packets get blocked from reaching
 the host when security is enabled. Any way this could happen by enabling
 /etc/olpc-security (access to debugfs for example?)


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