#5772 HIGH Never A: keyboard keys reported stuck in self-test

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Sat Jan 5 00:06:19 EST 2008

#5772: keyboard keys reported stuck in self-test
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Comment(by kop):

 More testing.  No new results.

 I have tried again to get keys to stick in tam-tam (the activity with the
 drum icon) by clicking on the singer and pressing and releasing keys
 rapidly.  I can't get a sound to 'stick', but I do notice that really
 rapid key press/release sequences seem to produce no sound at all.  These
 are the sorts of keypresses which would result in a 'stick' in the OFW
 diagnostic.  I'm still able to get key sticks in the diagnostic.

 FYI, I'm using the tamtam build 650 (IIRC).  I've not upgraded to 653.

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