#6433 NORM Never A: Distance will die after 30 seconds of inactivity due to suspend

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Tue Feb 12 18:46:32 EST 2008

#6433: Distance will die after 30 seconds of inactivity due to suspend
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 If OHM's suspend timeout is active, then after 30 seconds, Distance will
 suddenly stop.  The sudden stop on one machine crashes the remote
 instance, since there's no sensible way for it to continue if the partner
 disappears without warning.  Also, suspend interrupts the microphone
 recording, so even a moment of suspend will break Distance, even if no
 messages are lost.

 This is because Distance does not use enough CPU to be seen as non-idle by
 OHM.  OHM does not yet offer a public API for deactivating suspend on a
 per-activity basis, so there is no way for Distance to prevent suspend.

 This bug may or may not be fixed by upcoming changes in OHM, such as a
 lower CPU threshold and longer timeout.  This problem may affect other
 collaborative activities as well.  The user may touch /etc/ohm/inhibit-
 suspend to work around the bug, but that is certainly not a "fix".

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