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#9061: e-toys localization discrepancy
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Comment(by cjl):

 Replying to [comment:1 korakurider]:
 >   It is basically meaningless to compare number of words in POs of
 different languages and complain those are different numbers, while
 comparing number of translatable phrases or POT version would make sense.

 No, not meaningless, as I believe the counts I referenced are the word
 counts of the base language of the POT, in this case, English.  These
 numbers are displayed via the Pootle interface under the last "Total"
 column at the link I provided.  I did NOT refer to the number of words
 that result when translated.  As you point out, different word counts
 could be an indication of different POT file versions, if so, it might be
 useul/important to re-synchronize them with msgmerge.  BTW, I'm not
 complaining, far from it, I am trying to help by pointing out (what is to
 me) a discrepancy that I don't understand, thank you for digging into it a
 little deeper.  I will try to follow your good example and be more
 specific in future by doing a bit more investigation up front and
 providing a more detailed description.

 > In this case numbers of translatable phrase are different among
 > Some language POs are based on old POT.

 . . .

 > How these POT variance has been brought in if Pootle merge POT

 I don't know if it is really as automated as you might think.  In
 particular, I seem to recall that the sheer size of the e-toys POT creates
 challenges for translators to submit via the Pootle interface, so e-toys
 may involve more manual maintenance than others.

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