#5408 NORM 8.2.0 (: last flash release is much slower

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#5408: last flash release is much slower
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Comment(by wad):

 I disagree with the above assertion that version beta works well
 enough.   I see only a factor of two or three improvement --- not enough
 for interactive game play, and not enough to prevent problems with game

 For example, Castle Wars (from www.minijuegos.com) only deals a single
 card when being played on an XO, whereas on an Intel Mac it always deals a
 full hand of eight cards.

 Similarly, the animation at the beginning of Hulk Control Smashdown (from
 www.minijuegos.com) is still unwatchable, and the game --- while faster by
 a factor
 of two to four than using Flash version --- is still too slow to

 All tests performed with both build 711 and joyride build 2301.  There was
 no perceivable difference between the two builds.

 Changing the frame buffer to 24 bit mode (it runs in 16 bit mode by
 default) had no effect on the frame rate.

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