#8037 NORM -: Visual separation between entries in Journal based on date

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#8037: Visual separation between entries in Journal based on date
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 This makes it easier for a kid to go back two weeks ago without having to
 keep an eye on the Date field.

 A simple idea would be to bold the text in the Date field everytime a new
 unit of time is changed. Perhaps the minimum would be one hour. For

 1 minute ago[[BR]]

 '''1 hour''' and 10 minutes ago[[BR]]

 1 hour and 50 minutes ago[[BR]]

 5 hours and 10 minutes ago[[BR]]

 '''1 day''' and 2 hours ago[[BR]]

 4 days and 3 hours ago[[BR]]

 '''1 week''' and 2 days ago[[BR]]

 3 week and 4 days ago[[BR]]

 Another would be to slightly tint the background of these entries which
 have a significant unit of time change. But then again, the tinting in
 lists are usually used as a way to better visually grasp the horizontal
 information of an entry, alternating between tinted (usually light blue)
 and white background.

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