#8019 LOW Retriag: bad smell, wireless LED half lit, after crash and reset, C2 CSN75000153

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#8019: bad smell, wireless LED half lit, after crash and reset, C2 CSN75000153
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 On a C2 with Joyride 2301, my wife Petria was using Firefox 3 activity,
 and the GUI had become unresponsive at about the time a PDF plugin was
 requested.  She handed the unit to me.

 The GUI was indeed unresponsive, mouse was not responding,
 Control/Alt/Backspace did nothing.  So I held down the power button to
 force shutdown.

 All LEDs except the left-hand wireless LED were extinguished.  The left-
 hand wireless LED was glowing at roughly 25% normal brightness, with the
 unit powered off.  I pressed the power button again.

 The power LED came back on.  I connected the AC adaptor and noted the
 battery LED went orange to indicate charging state.  I then left the unit
 for about 20 minutes, about one metre from me.  I do not recall observing
 the left-hand wireless LED at that time.

 (I was watching Doctor Who.  When the plot drew attention to odour, I
 noticed that I could smell an ''electrical device very unhappy'' smell.  I
 stopped Doctor Who to trace it.)

 I found the C2 unit with 25% partially lit left-hand wireless LED, still
 charging, and the odour was stronger near the unit (C2 S/N CSN75000153)
 and the AC adaptor (model number P018WA120J).

 Removed all power sources, repowered, and the partially lit wireless LED
 symptom went away.  The unit is now performing properly.

 I worry that a concatenation of an OOM or suspend sequence may have led to
 a pathological electrical condition.  But I've not got much to go on, so
 I'm logging this in case it can be coalesced with other reports.

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