#7911 NORM 9.1.0: Integration of speech-synthesis into sugar

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Mon Aug 18 02:30:02 EDT 2008

#7911: Integration of speech-synthesis into sugar
   Reporter:  hemantg      |       Owner:  erikos                                                
       Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                                                   
   Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  9.1.0                                                 
  Component:  sugar        |     Version:  not specified                                         
 Resolution:               |    Keywords:  speech-dispatcher, speech synthesis, sugar-toolkit, r?
Next_action:  review       |    Verified:  0                                                     
  Blockedby:               |    Blocking:                                                        

Comment(by hemantg):


 Thanks for the review.

 Kindly disregard 0001-Speech-Synthesis-Integration-Patches.3.patch. I
 cannot find a way to remove this attachment.

 I've given each patch more meaningful names in this entry, so I guess you
 wont be able to see a diff from the previous patch :-/.

 Is there a reason the pydotconf API uses delete/add and not a set method?


 Actually there can be multiple occurrences of the same parameter in the
 dotconf file. So you must remove a specific occurrence and only then add
 the new value for the parameter.

 I have fixed most of the other issues described by you.


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