#7788 BLOC 8.2.0 (: Touchpad behavior deteriorates under joyride-2212, joyride-2230

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Thu Aug 14 11:45:42 EDT 2008

#7788: Touchpad behavior deteriorates under joyride-2212, joyride-2230
   Reporter:  tvoverbeek  |       Owner:  dilinger             
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   Priority:  blocker     |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2) 
  Component:  kernel      |     Version:  olpc-3               
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Comment(by rsmith):

 Replying to [comment:16 tvoverbeek]:

 > As written above, no finger on the touchpad during boot. After
 recalibration it fixes itself
 > for a short while, but then starts jumping again (as you can see in the

 So far nobody has been able to duplicate your findings.  Using your
 additional info we can try again.  I'd like you to continue to try and
 duplicate your tests daily.  ie repeat the test under joyride 5x times
 switch back to 708 and do 5x with it then back to joyride and test again.
 If that pattern continues to hold true then congratulations you just
 became the touchpad testbed.  So far its never held up to long term

 There is also another test.  The new touchpad driver was backported to the
 older kernel.

 From deepak:

 I have built an RPM with the 2.6.22 kernel + driver backport that folks
 running <= 703 can use for this purpose:


 Dunno if this will actually work on 708 but its worth a try.

 > Saw Richard Smiths message about the new firmware with faster/better EC
 > My XO firmware is on Q2E12. Could the interaction between recent
 firmwares (Q2E12) and 2.6.25
 > kernel scheduling have something to do with this?
 > Should I try again when Q2E13 shows up in joyride?

 Many EC commands in a row will indeed affect the touchpad data stream.
 The old EC command speed would have the kernel blocked for 20 ms at a
 time.  During that time it can't read pad data from the EC.  Since the pad
 update rate is 12ms the data is either has to be stored or discarded.  The
 pad appears to discard the data.  So if this is related to all the polling
 of battery data that HAL is doing then yes the new EC firmware might make
 a difference.

 I thought the new joyrides had the HAL polling fixed.

 > ----------------------------------------------------
 > Cut and pasted this from my reply on devel at . Why don't replies regarding
 bugs sent by email
 > get added to trac autoamtically???

 Our trac does not have an e-mail interface.  I've seen some traffic about
 a new module that does this but we don't have it installed.  We may wait
 untill after 8.2 before we mess with trac.

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