#7788 BLOC 8.2.0 (: Touchpad behavior deteriorates under joyride-2212, joyride-2230

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Thu Aug 14 10:14:06 EDT 2008

#7788: Touchpad behavior deteriorates under joyride-2212, joyride-2230
   Reporter:  tvoverbeek  |       Owner:  dilinger             
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   Priority:  blocker     |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2) 
  Component:  kernel      |     Version:  olpc-3               
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Comment(by tvoverbeek):

 Replying to [comment:14 dilinger]:
 > Thanks for the logs!
 > The lack of recalibration messages in 708 does not mean that the cursor
 isn't messed up.  When you boot and use 708, is the mouse cursor jumpy at

 No, under 708 I get no noticeable cursor jumps.

 > There is a lot of strangeness in your 2298 logs.  The fact that 3/5
 times, the driver detects miscalibration at around the same time (160s
 after boot) makes me wonder what's happening there.  What point in the
 boot sequence are you at when it happens?  Is sugar completely up?  Are
 you launching any activities, or doing anything else other than moving the
 cursor around?

 When booting I wait till the home view is complete (circle view with
 activities) without touching the touchpad. Then I start a terminal session
 and start Memorize. Memorize
 requires a lot of mouse movement. Play a while in Memorize until the
 cursor starts jumping.
 Then switch to Bounce and play a while.
 At 160 sec I am in Memorize.

 > The eth0/msh0 messages makes me think that NetworkManager has just come
 up, so the hardware was miscalibrated right from the start.  I wonder if
 the large amount of EC commands happening during boot are screwing
 something up.. I'm also wondering wtf the PCI EHCI messages are about.

 The EHCI messages only started to show up with the most recent kernels.
 I cannot give you a specific date/version. Sorry.
 Also I am in a quite noisy WiFi environment at home. There are more than
 15 WiFi networks in the
 neighborhood view. My home accesspoint has WPA-PSK. Sometimes the XO
 prompts me for the
 accesspoint password. I cancel the dialog and then go to the  neighborhood
 view, select my network, click Connect again and it associates without
 prompting for the password again.
 Might have nothing to do with this.

 > Do you keep your finger on the touchpad during bootup?  Also, when you
 see the miscalibration errors in the logs (and you remove your fingers
 from the touchpad for a few seconds), does the touchpad driver fix itself,
 or is the cursor still jumpy afterwards?

 As written above, no finger on the touchpad during boot. After
 recalibration it fixes itself
 for a short while, but then starts jumping again (as you can see in the

 Saw Richard Smiths message about the new firmware with faster/better EC
 My XO firmware is on Q2E12. Could the interaction between recent firmwares
 (Q2E12) and 2.6.25
 kernel scheduling have something to do with this?
 Should I try again when Q2E13 shows up in joyride?
 Cut and pasted this from my reply on devel at . Why don't replies regarding
 bugs sent by email
 get added to trac autoamtically???

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