#6868 HIGH Never A: save as holder.morph vs. holder.project

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Wed Apr 9 14:30:30 EDT 2008

#6868: save as holder.morph vs. holder.project
 Reporter:  polishookm            |       Owner:  dgilmore                         
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Component:  build-system          |     Version:  Development build as of this date
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 When in


 it would be helpful if "save as morph"(from the Halo through a debug menu)
 saved a holder as a morph (.morph) and not as a project (.project).

 At present, the workaround (as documented today on the Etoys list) appears
 to be save the holder (with the objects it contains) as holder.project and
 then manually go to the file and change its name to holder.morph.

 If the FillInTheBlank dialogue box could just take of this directly, that
 would be best ....

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