#5202 NORM Future : Acoustic Tape Measure thinks I'm short!

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Thu Nov 29 23:51:28 EST 2007

#5202: Acoustic Tape Measure thinks I'm short!
  Reporter:  cscott                     |       Owner:  bemasc        
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Comment(by bemasc):

 The code already contains a distance offset to correct for arbitrary
 geometry factors.

 I initially assumed people would want to measure from the front edge of
 the XO.  Then people said they wanted to make measurements in ebook mode,
 so I changed it to the screen.  Add in the back, and that's three
 different measurement positions.  If you wanted to measure the distance
 between two walls, you would want another mode where the baseline is the
 back of the handle. That's a lot of options to convey, so it's a UI issue.

 Things get even more interesting if we talk about measurements with >2
 people, which I'm still considering.  In that case, the laptops cannot all
 face each other exactly, and so it's even less clear precisely where the
 theoretical origin of measurement is.

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