[Trac #1122] EC code, dead lock code at 0x75b9

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Tue Mar 20 23:42:53 EDT 2007

#1122: EC code, dead lock code at 0x75b9
 Reporter:  frief                        |        Owner:  David.Lin
     Type:  defect                       |       Status:  new      
 Priority:  normal                       |    Milestone:  Untriaged
Component:  embedded controller          |   Resolution:           
 Keywords:  EC watchdog brown out reset  |  
Changes (by David.Lin):

  * owner:  ray.tseng at quantatw.com => David.Lin


 mov     dptr,#GPIOED0   ; 75b2   90 fc 24   .|$
 movx    a, at dptr         ; 75b5   e0         `
 anl     a,#0feh         ; 75b6   54 fe      T~
 movx    @dptr,a         ; 75b8   f0         p

 In the firmware at address 75b2 to 75b8 are to control a output signel in
 low to make a hardware reset for EC.
 So the dead loop code is to wait an EC cold reset.
 Before performing these codes the charger was disabled to make sure no
 safety concern.

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