#2337 HIGH Retriag: Switching between activities

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#2337: Switching between activities
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Comment(by Eben):

 The design team has been putting a huge amount of effort into an upcoming
 version of Sugar, which already includes your core suggestion to treat
 running activities of places within the Frame, always available for
 quicker switching.  We're working on finalizing a number of aspects on
 this rather ambitious redesign of the core UI, but we'll be working hard
 to get the changes in sooner rather than later.

 As far as shortcuts go, I believe that alt-n and alt-p cycle through
 activities right now.  I believe that alt-tab and alt-shift-tab will do
 this in future builds, and we also hope to add alt-backtick (or tilde) for
 cycling through the open instances of a single activity.

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