[OLPC Brasil] Sugar: sem açúcar?

José Antonio joseantoniorocha at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 11:52:02 EDT 2007

John Gilmore <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gilmore_%2528advocate%2529>,
um dos fundadores da Free Software Fundation e criador do Gnash (GNU Flash),
num texto com jeitão de flame, critica a interface
que vai aglutinar todas as atividades do laptop XO:

[...] Why should kids have to batter their way through this idiocy before
> they can get to any educational materials? Why does everybody just keep
> shrugging and apologizing for how rotten the UI is, without doing anything
> about it? It's true, on paper, Sugar's ideas might have been a brilliant
> advance in the state of the art, another miracle like the LCD screen, like
> the power management, like the OLPC business model. But once Sugar was
> implemented and we could use it, it turned out that it WASN'T a brilliant
> idea; in fact, it sucked. Face facts! Give it up and get something that
> works, rather than have it torpedo the project. [...]

Via Invisible Sandwich, coluna de Cris
chefe do projeto OLPC na Red Hat.

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