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Deu no NYT<http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1584815-1,00.html>,
em entrevista com o homem mais rico do mundo:

> Education is a big focus for you. So, is there better learning through
> technology?
It's important to be humble when we talk about education, because TV was
> going to change education and videotape was going to change it and
> computer-aided instruction was going to change it. But until the Internet
> exploded 10 years ago, technology really hadn't made a dent in education at
> all. Learning is mostly about creating a context for motivation. It's about
> why should you learn things. Technology plays a role, but it's not a
> panacea.
> Technology can help, but it always has to be technology that understands
> the difficult conditions. Are computers in developing countries going to
> change their education system? In a lot of countries it's more: Are there
> classrooms, are there teachers, is there electricity? Taking new technology
> and trying to impose it on developing countries--that's crazy.
Via The Biz of Knowledge<http://feeds.feedburner.com/%7Er/TheBizofKnowledge/%7E3/90794180/bill_gates_on_education.html>
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