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Boa matéria sobre o OLPC na Forbes:

Umas palhinhas:

"There would be no way to launch and ramp in any way other than open and
> viral," Negroponte says in an e-mail exchange from Taiwan, where he is
> dealing with manufacturing. "A command-and-control model, the way one runs
> an army, is not well suited for newideas."

One laptopmaker refused early on to get involved because, it claimed,
> success would require "ten or twenty" miracles

"There's a risk in showing something that isn't finished," Bender says. "But
> there's a greater risk in waiting." He expects there to be 500 million
> laptops in the hands of poor children five years from now--both the XO and
> other low-cost models under development.

Via OLPC News.
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