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David Cavallo cavallo at media.mit.edu
Fri Oct 6 11:06:50 EDT 2006

Se esse nao resolve o problema, por favor me mande email de novo.

If you are using ATest boards, please read this message carefully.

In the early conversion to LinuxBIOS, we found a hardware problem.  This
is good: it is the purpose of testing.

To meet demand of high volume components that may be in short supply
sometimes, such as DRAM, it is normal to "qualify" a number of sources
for those components.

The ATest boards were therefore manufactured with three different DRAM
vendor's chips.  Unfortunately, a mistake was made in the selection of
the proper component from Infineon, and a DRAM chip version was used
that is too slow for the Geode GX.  This is not a problem with
Infineon's memory chips; the wrong speed chip was used by mistake,
rather than the parts themselves not working to specification.

Therefore, as the warning in the "Upgrading to LinuxBIOS" page says in
more detail: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Upgrading_to_LinuxBIOS#Warnings
please do *NOT* install LinuxBIOS right now onto boards with Infineon
DRAM's, but wait until we say to.

We will probably make a version of LinuxBIOS for use on such boards that
sets the memory controller slow enough for those boards to work as well
as they have under Insyde's BIOS, which we believe was running at the
slower speed.  But that slower speed, which is as slow as the Geode GX
can run, is still nominally too fast for the memory chips used.  We are
working on a strategy of how to handle this issue, though clearly most
boards have been stable at this slower speed (or we would have had many
complaints by now).

If you have already converted to LinuxBIOS on boards with the Infineon
memory, and your board appears to be working OK, leave it alone for now
and continue to run LinuxBIOS.

Please *DO* continue to install LinuxBIOS onto boards you have with
Hynix or PSC memory chips.  We do need to test both LinuxBIOS and the
use of those manufacturer's memory chips at the higher intended speed.

                   Thank you all for your efforts!
                            - Jim Gettys

My great thanks to Tom Sylla, Ron Minnich, Richard Smith, Jordan Crouse,
Chris Ball, Marcelo Tosatti, James Cameron and Mitch Bradley for helping
figure out this problem.

This problem is: http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/53

-- Jim Gettys One Laptop Per Child 
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Ihe Insyde BIOS has started complaining about the date, and refuse to
boot unless you set the date back.  If you encounter this, just set the
date in the Insyde BIOS in the range of June or July as a temporary

But we are now very happy to announce the "Let's stop breaking bones

We would like everyone to move to LinuxBIOS, along with:
   o using Linux as a bootloader
   o the gxfb fbdev console device driver
   o the "amd" EXA X Window System driver with early support for
     alpha blending
   o native Linux support for updating the BIOS flash.
   o JFFS2 file system support for the internal flash
   o Marvell Wireless driver
         (Please make sure your antennae are installed!)
   o An very early version of the Sugar user interface framework.

Please read the installation directions found at:
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Upgrading_to_LinuxBIOS carefully, and make
sure you understand them, before starting the upgrade.

On behalf of the many people who made this possible, our great thanks!
                               - Jim Gettys
Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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Allan Bezerra wrote:
> Caros Colegas,
> Me chamo Allan Bezerra e atualmente trabalho no Instituto Nokia de 
> Tecnologia em Manaus. Após alguns contatos ficou acertado que a Nokia, 
> através do seu institudo de pesquisa no brasil, iria contribuir no 
> estudo e adaptação da atual heuristica de Out of Memory para OLPC, 
> conforme "OLPC Software Call" de 08/01/2006.
> Recebemos as placas, porém o trabalho está parado por conta do problema 
> com a BIOS. Alguem saberia me informar a atual situação disso?
> Aproveito este para saber quem mais no brasil está contribuindo para o 
> Um forte abraço,
> -- Allan Bezerra
> Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia
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