[Argentina] Peru to deploy XO-1.75s this year, passing 1M laptops in all

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Sent to you by Gonzalo via Google Reader: Peru to deploy XO-1.75s this
year, passing 1M laptops in all via Planet OLPC by sj on 4/5/11

Peru’s president Alan Garcia today committed to expanding their
national program, the largest in the world. They are building national
facilities for manufacturing / assembling laptops in-country, and will
distribute their 1 millionth XO by the end of the year.

Peru’s project will reach students in every public school in the
country this year, covering 15 percent of all registered children in
primary school.

Rodrigo Arboleda said of the latest announcement: “Being the largest
deployment worldwide, Peru is an outstanding example of OLPC. We hope
to see other countries establish manufacturing facilities of the scale
and magnitude of Peru’s. Local manufacturing of XO laptops will enable
Peru both to transform education and to make important investments in
its economy.”

Peru is also continuing related partnerships with LEGO Education,
distributing the last of 92,000 LEGO WeDo toolkits to XO classrooms
classrooms in 20,000 schools. Peru’s constructionist OLPC programs have
included a focus on robotics and programming from early grades, to
inspire children’s creativity and technical aptitude.

In addition, Peru continues to invest in the global OLPC network
developing applications for Sugar, the learning platform that runs on
the XO laptop. Peruvian engineers are developing interactive learning
games, finishing translations of Sugar into Aymara and Quechua, and
translating a teacher’s curriculum guide — most recently into French
for schools to use it in Madagascar! I hope to see a number of these
devs at the upcoming eduJAM! summit in Uruguay.

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