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 An interesting book.  (The free PDF version is available on the site
as well, but the book form is worth it if you're interested in the history of
personal computing and education and books...)

-- Yoshiki
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Subject: [squeak-dev] Points of View - a tribute to Alan Kay

I am pleased to announce the latest publication from Viewpoints
Research: Points of View -- a tribute to Alan Kay.  This book, edited
by Kim Rose and myself, is a collection of previously-unpublished
essays written to celebrate Alan's 70th birthday.  Twenty-nine
luminaries from diverse disciplines contributed original material for
this book, which was presented to Alan during a celebratory lunch
earlier this week.

A limited first edition of 100 copies has been printed of which 50 are
being offered for a $125 donation to Viewpoints.

Full details can be found here:  http://vpri.org/pov


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