[Aop] activation failure screen is unclear

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Thu Sep 20 18:12:26 EDT 2007

When you fail to activate a machine, the failure screen is purely iconic
and shows three icons for the methods used to test for an activation key.

The result is quite incomprehensible, and doesn't obviously suggest a way
to remedy the problem.  It's not even clear how to convey the problem to 
someone else over irc or a phone -- there is no error name or number, and
no explanatory text.

Since some of the people intended to understand and respond to this error 
are adults who are presumed able to read the release and activation notes, 
there should be a simple message describing what has happened in those 
languages.  This text could be part of the bitmap, so that no fonts need 
to be loaded first.

I expect many, many children to encounter this screen; for them it will be 
the first major point of frustration.  We should make ths as user-friendly
as possible.


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