[Activities] telnet for OLPC

pgf at laptop.org pgf at laptop.org
Thu Sep 11 10:23:10 EDT 2008

two more notes, below:

i wrote:
 > mr jeffrey l ross wrote:
 >  > Want to run telnet with the OLPC. I am a ham radio operator and we are 
 >  > wanting to use the OLPC in our emergency stations. We can use them if we can 
 >  > get a telnet program to run as a activity on the OLPC. If you can help me 
 >  > please write radiooperator at comcast.net. tks
 >  > kc8gkf 
 > i think the easiest way for you to accomplish this is to start
 > with a "wrapper" activity like ExecCommand:
 >     http://wiki.laptop.org/go/ExecCommand
 > you should configure it to run a shell script which runs inside
 > a terminal session, all of which runs inside an xterm.
 > e.g. 
 > -----------------
 > $ cat bin/telnet_to_host
 > #!/bin/sh
 > while :
 > do
 >     echo -n "Telnet to which host?"
 >     read host
 >     if [ "$host" ]
 >     then
 > 	telnet $host
 >     fi
 > done

that script is completely untested.  but it's probably close to working.

 > -----------------
 > and then have your activity invoke this:
 >     xterm -e telnet_to_host

due to the XO screen resolution and some other factors, you'll
want some additional arguments to xterm, to get a legible display.
something like:
    LANG=C xterm -fa "DejaVu LGC Sans Mono" -fs 8 +sb
works reasonably.


 > (you'll need to "yum install xterm", since it's no longer in 
 > our builds by default.)
 > paul

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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