[Activities] Tux Type on the XO

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Tue Aug 12 20:27:37 EDT 2008

Hello David,

A few replies:
 1. you should include all libraries the activity needs in the activity
itself; we don't include [most] activities in our core build, each is its
own separable bundle.

 2.  Things to work on : fullscreen support, internationalization, bundling
: an icon and the right directory structure for a zipped .xo file (the
activity bundle) for Sugar to recognize it and add it to the list of
available activities.  see also 3.

 3.  Sugarization : you may want to use Sugar's toolbars instead of other
menus, and will want to use Sugar's hooks into the Journal (for saving
state, exporting to different file formats, and loading files) and the
sharing aPIs (for collaborative typing).

There's a new activities list for activity developers you may want to join :


*From: *"David Bruce" <davidstuartbruce at gmail.com>
> *Date: *August 11, 2008 11:35:43 AM EDT
> *To: *seth at laptop.org
> *Cc: *"Cynthia Solomon" <cynthia at media.mit.edu>
> *Subject: **Re: Tux Type on the XO*
> So - I'm ready to start modifying Tuxtype itself.  I have a few questions
> regarding what you would like to see:
> 1.  Are the lib requirements a problem?  Tuxtype uses SDL, SDL_mixer,
> SDL_image, SDL_ttf, and SDL_Pango (which depends on some other libs).  All
> of these were easily installed with yum, but they do take up some space.
> fwiw, they are a subset of the libs needed for Tuxpaint, so if Tuxpaint is
> being considered as a standard app, it will bring in everything Tuxtype
> needs (the same is true for Tuxmath, btw).
> 2.  Regarding Tuxtype itself, what needs to be improved to get it to meet
> the needs of OLPC?  My own sense is that there are two obvious issues to be
> addressed.
> First, Tuxtype needs to use fullscreen at the machine's normal resolution -
> the 640x480 box is just too small on the XO's small monitor.  This is
> something we have been meaning to address anyway, and we have done so
> already for Tuxmath, so the issues are known.
> Second, we need to use standard GNU gettext for i18n.  Currently, Tuxtype
> supports i18n via language-specific "themes" with its own home-brewed
> gettext.  It does not use the standard locales mechanism.  The player
> selects the language to use within the program.  This is also something that
> has been "on the agenda" for some time.
> Neither of these issues is exactly trivial, but they aren't prohibative,
> either.
> 3.  Am I supposed to be "sugarizing" Tuxtype in some way?  For now, I just
> launch it from the command line (which also requires adding /usr/local/bin
> to $PATH, unless there is some other location where programs are supposed to
> be installed).
> Regards,
> David Bruce
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