[Activities] Physics Game Jam / Competition - August 29-31, Cambridge MA

Brian Jordan brian at laptop.org
Tue Aug 12 19:07:18 EDT 2008

Hi friends,

We are running a Physics Game Jam in Cambridge during the last weekend
of August (the 29-31).


Developers will be competing in teams of 2-4 to design and implement a
game in just 48 hours (Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm).

Non-developers may participate in categories for level design (for our
existing physics based games) or help out with graphic design, music
creation, sound effect recording, giving tutorials, and writing

Attendees should have some game development experience, but we will be
running tutorials to introduce people to all the tools they'll need to
make a successful game for the XO. This will include...

    * Eric Jordan of the Box2D project will be giving a talk on
developing physics games with pyBox2D for the OLPC XO.
    * Nirav Patel, Google Summer of Code student working on vision
processing for the XO will describe combining physics and vision
processing for interactive games.
    * Alex Levenson, OLPC summer intern and creator of the x2o physics
game will give a remote introduction to level design for his game.

Please register if you are interested in attending, and email
jams at laptop.org with specific questions about registration.

Spread the word!

Brian Jordan

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