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Mon May 25 08:00:42 EDT 2009

ormat adapted to store multimedia contents, especially HTML pages. You can =
take a look to this promising project at

I have already build a few ZIM files (with thumbnails) in different languag=
es. Currently, v0.8 of the soft and the ZIM are still in dev. status but re=
ndering is really good and search engine efficient.

You can check out the binary here:

=2E.. and ZIM files here:

You can especially test the 30.000 articles big ZIM file in English with we=
ll selected articles from the WP1 projects:

Feedback are welcome. Windows version should come in the worth case at the =
end of the year. Although, Kiwix 0.5 and 0.7 were available under Windows t=
oo, the fully code rewrite process (for 0.8) has forced me to postponed the=
 Windows port.

For people interesting in the code, this is fully free software: http://svn=


PS: If people are motivated to help me preparing ZIM files in other languag=
es, please contact me.

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