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Seth Woodworth seth at laptop.org
Sun Aug 31 04:01:33 EDT 2008

Mozilla, with their campus rep program seems to have a set box that they
send to groups and schools.  They send this box when the group is organized
and when they throw an event.  We've received two of these boxen here at the
office, they contain ~8 shirts, 25 buttons, 25 wristbands, 50+ sticker
packs, 30 lanyards.

That might be a little much for OLPC to try to arrange all at once. For
those of you who have gotten swag from organizations, what have you received
and was it enough/too much?


On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 11:01 PM, April-Hope Wareham <ahw at imsa.edu> wrote:

> Hi all--I'm April-Hope Wareham from the University of Tulsa, and I used to
> be at IMSA with Kevin.  I am just going through my Freshman orientation now,
> and I want to spark interest in OLPC, whatever it takes.  So...cool stuff
> like t-shirts, maybe?  I haven't even learned how to start a club yet, but I
> found a professor with an XO in his office...  :-D
> On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 16:08, Gregory Marra <
> Gregory.Marra at students.olin.edu> wrote:
>>  It was tricky to get our hands on XOs when we first started doing the
>> Olin University Chapter. That held us up from trying to get it worked into
>> curriculum while people were still really excited from the first initial
>> meetings.
>> I feel like stickers are cool and inexpensive giveaways. I would enjoy
>> stickers that have the XO man and say "My other laptop is green" or "My
>> other laptop has bunny ears" that you can stick on your primary laptop.
>> If we hit critical mass, biweekly IRC designed hang out and brainstorm
>> times might be cool too.
>> Just some things,
>> Greg Marra - Olin College
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>> Hi everybody,
>> I'm Seth Woodworth, from OLPC.  I'm based here in Boston (Hi Nikki, Tank,
>> et al) but I really want to help foster University groups.  There are
>> already some great community processes for University students to get
>> involved, get laptops, and (hopefully) get educational materials to
>> kids[1].
>> But what we're trying to build are some better systems for enabling your
>> organizations to organize yourselves.  Sj and I (nikki mel and others) have
>> some ideas about what would help but we also want to hear from you.  What do
>> you want to see from OLPC?  How can we best support what *you* want to do?
>> Some ideas:
>> * Project ideas / requirements
>> * Supply laptops for projects
>> * Swag:
>> * * T-shirts
>> * * Stickers
>> * * Silocone bracelets (ala livestrong)
>> * << Your Idea Here >>
>> I'm really interested in hearing from you, and hopefully together we can
>> build a project early this school year.
>> All the best
>> --S
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