[Toronto-dev] Sat Sept 22: 11AM BBQ/Brunch & Community School Server Demo !

Holt holt at laptop.org
Thu Sep 20 16:29:39 EDT 2012

Can we give the world's poorest schools "Solar-powered micro-clouds" ?  
Join our early demo BBQ/Brunch to find out:

   11AM SATURDAY SEP 22 (autumn begins!)
   Elora, Ontario -- 1+ hr West of Toronto
/RSVP for directions and/or if you need a ride from Toronto, Thanks !  
Volunteers will be presenting their progress on an exciting new 
Community School Server, evolving out of OLPC's open-source XS project:


This new more modular approach incorporates schools' ongoing feedback 
from Haiti, Philippines, Jamaica, Madagascar, Australia & beyond -- 
while building on OLPC's original http://wiki.laptop.org/go/School_server

*Teachers/hackers/volunteers/principals/educators especially welcome* to 
come take a look, exploring the early demo en route to San Francisco's 
global summit & hack sprint in a month (http://olpcSF.org/summit). 
Please ask questions to help us all get ready!

     * how specifically can an open school server strengthen poor 
schools worldwide?
     * giving them free & open tools to build tight learning communities 
of teachers/parents/admins & kids?
     * where do librarians, curators & scout leaders critically fit in 
to a global culture of DIY learning?
     * must 3rd world schools sit idly by as cloud-computing / iPhoney 
revolutions pass them by?
     * what global culture+institutions will best sustain true 
grassroots learning?

*Technical/Red Hat/Fedora folks* are invited to join our efforts and 
meet developers providing a firsthand look at our early Community School 
Server Demo:

     * breaking apart OLPC's monolithic XS install into its core 
component / separate feature sets
     * porting XS 0.7 from CentOS to the faster-moving Fedora 17 (which 
also runs on super-low power ARM processors like the 4-Watt XO-1.75 !)
     * permitting easy migration to i386 and 64-bit platforms, and 
trivially to new versions of Fedora (so we won't again be stuck on 
Fedora 9 for 2+ yrs, etc)
     * encouraging flexible features your school can add without harming 
the rest, EG:
        - WebDAV: /permits teachers to share files with students & one 
        - client-server user interface: /GUI administration by regular 
teachers, across network/
        - book server: /easier integration of Pathagar-like libraries of 
free ebooks/
        - Moodle's LMS: /proven free source (e)Learning Management 
System//, keep classes organized!/
/Remember to RSVP for directions and/or if you need a ride from 
Toronto.  Those who cannot attend are strongly encouraged to post 
questions at http://schoolserver.wordpress.com/blog and on 
http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/server-devel where we'll be documenting 
our progress soon, THANKS/!//
Help kids everywhere map their world, at http://olpcMAP.net
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