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Michael Mak makamizz at gmail.com
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Hello everyone,

My name is Michael (MephistoM on IRC) and I am currently an intern at K-NET,
a First-Nations run computer communications company that serves the
North-Western remote and rural communities in Ontario.  Part of my project
here is to help compile, install, and promote open-source Linux
distributions and educational programs, including Sugar on a Stick, for
educators, parents and students in the different communities to learn from
and enjoy.   

I'm not technically part of The Belinda Stronach Foundation (TBSF) and its
partners for the OLPC Canada project, but I have been in contact with its
director Wendy Johnson (Wendy.Johnson at tbsf.ca) during its development over
the summer.  I would suggest that the best way to get more information and
the wiki up to date is to get in touch with her.  I don't know if the
laptops are there already or if they will arrive Jan 2011, but I will try my
best to get in touch with the Chiefs and teachers in the communities to see
if they know more, as K-NETs coverage should include that area.  

I also sincerely hope that the programs and the OS on the new XOs will be
open source, so that others can contribute to it as well!  

Kind regards,

Michael Mak
Global Health Specialization
K-NET Intern

Michael Mak
Global Health Specialization
OLPC Intern

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I don't know many of the details, but all I can say is Wow...


Beauty map of participating schools across Canada here:


Does anyone know any of the organizers/participants above?  If so, do 
encourage their best+brightest to join OLPC's Global Community in its 
largest ever contributors summit, in San Francisco Oct 22-24 less than a 
month from now:


Tremendous news Canadians are suddenly getting organized, to give 
marginalized kids such thoughtful 21st century opportunities, 3 years 
after the launch of OLPC!  OLPC itself wrote the tiniest blog post 
welcoming OLPC Canada to the global community earlier today:


Anybody have concrete ideas on how we all might genuinely support OLPC 
Canada's work?  (Beyond just cleaning up 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Canada clicking "EDIT" if you can there!!)
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