[Testing] [Sugar-devel] Fedora Sugar Test Day - Test case content, location

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Sun Mar 4 18:09:24 EST 2012

oh, forgot to ask about "karma" as mentioned on

On another project I help with (one netbook per child with Ubuntu and
municipal wifi, so some significant cross over) Tom set up
http://questions.manaiakalani.org/ by using the http://www.osqa.net/ system
with the plan being that the children write the questions and answers about
their netbooks, their wifi and related learning questions.
That system has a good karma system, and we set it up after Stack Overflow
- http://stackoverflow.com/ - came up in conversation.

Is there a suitable tool that is as easy to use and has karma features like

Another site sugarlabs types (unofficially?) used briefly was
http://getsatisfaction.com/sugarlabs which had ways to give people points I
think. You can star a good answer.

Moodle.org uses ratings in its forums and that quickly identifies the
"particularly helpful moodlers". This encourages people to write good
replies to be awarded this status badge. This is another interesting model
for engaging users and helping people identify which answers are most
likely to be accurate.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any examples in the land of testing as the
only interaction I really have with testing is OLPC. If anyone does testing
for a job and can share other examples, that might help us?

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