[Testing] Testing Summary: 4 February 2011 - Auckland, New Zealand

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Sat Feb 4 05:58:43 EST 2012

Testing Summary: 4 February 2011 - Auckland, New Zealand
Who: Alana, Charlotte, Fabiana, Oliver, Rachel, Tom, Tabitha

Sridhar at OLPC Australia kindly sent us one of their XO-1.5s with AVC
touchpad. We named this one Rosella. He also sent us a keyboard assembly to
replace Tank's which was sent back to Qanta last year and two wifi modules
to replace the ESD damaged units in Tank and Poppy Copy. We installed the
new keyboard in Tank today.

Speak on XO-1 os882 on mesh network
On Moodle, Speak speaks, on Tux, there is no sound from any activity.
When Tux shares Speak, you can join it from the neighbourhood on Moodle,
but Speak starts in the "speak what I can type" mode. If you change to the
voice chat mode, you find that you have actually joined the shared activity.
When Moodle sends a message in Voice Chat, Moodle repeats the message out
loud but when moodle recieves a message, Moodle does not speak the message
out loud.

Speak on XO-1.75 os26 on access point network
Started a new speak on Sundance
Switched to voice chat - got the warning about sharing and inviting
Shared activity
On kid, selected Sundance's speak activity in the neighbourhood
Got the "say what you type" mode on kid, on Sundance, saw kid join
On Kid, switch to Voice chat mode and get the warning about sharing, even
though it is shared
Same behavior as on XO-1, both laptops say what you type into them, but do
not speak messages received
Suspend sometimes took a long time (many 10s of seconds) to trigger instead
of the normal 20s.
Activity seems to be tolerant of suspend -- messages arrive fairly shortly
after resume

When sundance re-starts speak, it is still shared, but switching to voice
chat mode presents the warning about being in offline mode

Conclusion: Speak's Voice Chat feature behaves identically on XO-1 os882
and XO-1.75 os26 and has the same bugs.

Sundance - build os26 customised Sugar 0.94.1 firmware Q4D02
Successfully changed time to Auckland.
Tested: browse, stopwatch, tamtam mini, maze, implode, infoslicer, record,
physics, paint, write, memorize, clock, speak, moon, labyrinth, measure,
pippy, turtleart, ruler, finance, portfolio. Had the following fails:
Browse - crash on big picture not fixed
Record - can't tell difference between low and high quality pictures or
Speak - voice chat issues as described
Pippy - fail message on inputting 1 and 1 in Life.
Finance - first colours that the activity chose for categories were very
close (two shades of orange) which made it hard to differentiate them in
the pie graph.

au84 on XO-1.5:
Flipsticks 10 failed to start.

Touchpad Testing!
The following tests were performed on battery on a wooden table.
Temperature was at least 25C with quite high humidity. For the most part we
did not pay attention to where the rest of our limbs and appendages were.
We tested three laptops, one in two different configurations:
Rosella - XO-1.5 AVC touchpad, au85, factory configuration. For second "4F"
round, ran relevant section of olpc-configure obtained from kid's os26.
Sundance - XO-1.75 C1 Synaptics touchpad, os26
Kid - XO-1.75 C1 AVC touchpad, os26

Tom using Rosella factory settings
No movement during hold test
Circle test difficult with small 13 activity ring -- circle too large to
fit on touch pad, but if you follow it faster the acceleration makes it
very difficult to follow a circle. Following a smaller circle around the XO
figure's head in the activity ring seems to be better but often shoots off
in a straight line -- possibly because of acceleration cutting in.
Finger rolling terrible.
Spiral quite good if drawn slowly. Some evidence of inaccurate tracking as
you get smaller in the middle. Can't draw a spiral more than 1/3 of the
screen without drawing it fast which just makes a mess.
Corner to Corner easy and repeatable

Tom using Rosella 4F
No movement during the hold test
Circle test reasonably easy to follow small 13 activity ring
Following smaller circle also easy
Finger rolling good
Spiral not that great, quite a lot of unintended straight lines, and
moderately difficult to avoid crossing previous lines
Corner to corner easy and repeatable

General conclusion is the updated configuration makes the best case
behaviour for most tests a little worse but dramatically improves the
finger rolling.

Tabitha using Sundance
No movement during hold test
Circles were good
Finger rolling good
Spirals quite good
Corner to corner not possible in one swipe (Rachel confirmed this one test

Tom using Kid
No movement during hold test
Corner to Corner difficult, often end up on the side rather than in the
corner, occasionally get to the corner.

Rachel using Kid
No movement during the hold test
Circle test not great, quite jerky and more going in a square
Finger rolling good
Difficult to do good spirals, likes to do straight lines instead of curves
Corner to corner not really possible, get to within 2cm of the other corner.

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