[Testing] [OLPC New Zealand] [OLPC-AU] Testing Summary, Auckland - 21 April 2012

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Fri Apr 27 18:07:14 EDT 2012

On 26/04/12 13:11, Jerry Vonau wrote:
> Just wondering, what firmware is installed in the XO-1.5s? I have
> Q3C02(os883 olpc-updated to os31) installed on one XO and the collector
> works, while on another XO Q3C05(au215) is installed, and the collector
> fails. On the one that fails if I drop to the OK prompt, entering:
> "dir int:2,\" I can see a directory listing while "dir int:2,\home" I
> receive "Page Fault".

Last week, the power log collector did not work on Ivy, I'm fairly sure 
it had Q3B23 last week. I updated to Q3C05 with os8 and the collector 
worked. Going back to au215 with the same firmware also worked:

So, just now, the power log collector worked on:
12.1.0 for XO 1.5, customized (build 8) with firmware Q3C05
215 11.3.1-au with firmware Q3C05

So if you're seeing it fail with Q3C05 while I'm seeing it work, it 
would appear to be more complicated than just the firmware. In both 
cases of working above, I did an fs-update and power up, then shutdown 
and power log collection. Last week we did a bunch of testing before 
doing the collection.

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