[Testing] Testing Summary, Auckland - 7 April 2012

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Sun Apr 8 02:07:09 EDT 2012

Testing Summary, Auckland - 7 April 2012: Happy Easter!!
Who: Fabiana, John, Leslie, Oliver, Tabitha, Tom

10 new XO-1.75s! Suggestions for names are appreciated, we’ve used some
native NZ birds for now.

We tested 12.1.0 build 6 on these XO-1.75s.

One laptop had no wifi on first boot after switching to Gnome, ifconfig
showed only lo0. I don’t know if it had wifi before switching to gnome. It
crashed after reboot, playing part of the first tone of the startup sound
and then repeating a fragment of that tone until we held down the power
button. All the laptops behaved normally after this event. Sorry, I don’t
know which one, other than it had a High School Keyboard.

Summary of 12.1.0, details below:
Faster, shutdown might be too fast for filesystem, fn key inserts =, gcc
segfaults, browse help & wikipedia very unstable, firefox 10!, record high
quality video still  doesn't work, paint failed to start, measure's trigger
and menus are broken, distance still broken, can't play video from journal,
game keys dont work, clock is truncated

Shutdown is very fast, so fast that the warning symbol screen is visible
for less than 1 second and is often truncated. The power log collector
thinks the filesystem is unclean and recovers from the journal, so maybe
the filesystem isn’t being properly shut too.

yum complains packages are not signed.

This build seems faster than os31.

Pressing the fn key inserts a = character, but still has the desired effect
too, so fn left inserts a = and moves to the beginning of the line.

gcc segfaults while compiling ffmpeg http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/11763

Firefox 10 can be installed with yum. This is much more stable than browse
(hasn’t crashed yet). However the long pauses in google docs we saw on
11.3.1 still occur sometimes. WebM video works, but performance is poor.

The new open firmware based power log collector seems to be working well on
these laptops.

Following is specific testing on each laptop (named Moa, Kiwi, and Kotare)

Laptop named Moa:
Paint failed to start.
Record: Picture ok, movie: video behind real life at low quality - image
freezes and lags on update on high res mode, this freeziness also on
playback - so it is not just a refresh on the video but it actually fails
to record a full stream (or fails to display the full stream, whichever).
https://dev.laptop.org/ticket/11596 seems relevant. Audio on video seems to
work ok.
Physics: Ok, except I had a few rotating squares and in some instances
clicking on them after selecting the erase just took the rotating axle off,
and in some other cases it removed the entire square.
Measure: Trigger doesn’t work at all when using the microphone as an input.
Microphone in the top level menu doesn’t seem to do anything. I am getting
the microphone input on the usb icon, but I don’t have anything plugged
into the usb - counter-intuitive .
Maze: Works fine using the keyboard arrows, but game keys on screen do not
Stopwatch: Zeroing after marking a few times and marking again places the
lower numbers on the left rather than in the sequence in which they were
marked (reported this previously).
Clock: Image of analog clock is falling off the screen, Display the time in
full letters says: ‘What time is it?” but does not display the time in full
letters. Talking clock does not seem to be talking to me (no sound).
Labyrinth: seems ok, though did not try to insert image. Save as pdf and
png and can open both fine.
Ruler seems ok.
Help failed to start.
Wikipedia ES  got error on "anatomia" connection terminated unexpectedly -
Took ages to do first startup

Laptop named Kiwi:
Memorize - couldn’t collaborate with Kotare, see screenshot -
Browse is very unstable
Wikipedia EN and ES take a very long time to start and eventually crash if
you visit enough pages.
Distance still reports random distances see
Opening video recorded with record from journal, the player opens but
reports: “Error: Resource busy or not available. - gstalsasink.c(687):
gst_alsasink_open ():Device ‘default’ is busy”. This is reproducible
always, including as the first action after boot and on multiple laptops.
Playback of the same files works within the record application.

Laptop named Kotare:
maze - game keys don’t work, do like the new addition of level up or down
clock - picture of clock off the screen, see screenshots, no sound on
talking clock -
memorize - collaboration fail with Kiwi, got out of sync with one tile up
but changed to other laptops turn on the other laptop -
tamtam mini - works
write - tried some formatting, added table, works. problem with changing
alignment - if you select the right column and try centre it actually
centres all rows not just the column highlighted
moon - works
browse - keeps closing! so pretty hard to use
ruler - works
implode - works
stopwatch - works, same issues as previously reported re marking putting
times in the wrong order (not the order taken, but shortest time to longest
time left to right)
speak - pitch rate adjust works,  mouth eyes change works, robot says he
can't speak default, didn't test voice chat
wikipedia en - works but takes ages to load
labyrinth - works
typing turtle - works
finance - works
portfolio - works, like the new edit description bit
fototoon - some nice new improvements to fototoon, like the new movement
lines and the ability to rotate those objects, also nice to have a title
area for your storyboard
kotare settings - checked "about me" and "about my computer" both function
correctly, changed to Auckland time zone successfully, can change frame
settings, can choose keyboard but it doesn’t seem to show the current
settings, can change language, can access modem config (didn’t change
anything), can access network settings (didn’t change anything), can access
power settings (didn’t change anything), used software update to update
turtleart, can switch to gnome and back

Thanks everyone
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