[Testing] Testing Summary - 13 August 2011, Auckland NZ

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Wed Sep 28 02:30:02 EDT 2011

On 09/27/2011 11:12 PM, Gonzalo Odiard wrote:
> Thanks Tabitha, Simon and Gary, sorry to be late on all this.
> I have added a "Create new game" button.

Does this change create a new activity instance? When clicking on the 
'new game button' a new instance is created in the Journal. What exactly 
does the button do, clear the game, or create another duplicate like the 
previous keep button?

> Tabitha, I know you do the testing at the end of the week, but if you can
> provide feedback about this change will be appreciated.
> You can download a new testing version from
> http://dev.laptop.org/~gonzalo/Memorize-39.xo
> This activity have a solution to http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3127 and
> http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3114 too.

I still see http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3114#comment:4 Should be 
easy to reproduce.


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