[Testing] Testing summary: Saturday 25 June 2011 - Auckland, NZ

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Sat Jun 25 06:04:59 EDT 2011

Testing summary: Saturday 25 June 2011 - Auckland, NZ
Who: Abishek, Josie, baby Oliver, Tabitha
Two sections - AU98 build test for Jerry and 11.2.0 release candidate
build 870 test for Daniel Drake

au98 on two XO-1.5s - Ivy running 98 OLPC-AU 0.84.31 Q3807 wireless
9.70.7.p0 and Shadow running 98 OLPC-AU 0.84.31 Q3A62 wireless 9.70.7.p0

Music painter
After loading several existing compositions and making a small, new
composition, the playback speed slows and quality degrades, although the
speed slider is set to full. However, switching out of Music painter and
back restores its performance for the same open composition.

Paint - it appears to halt when converting a drawing to black-and-white
(some feedback would be good).

Scratch seems fast on XO-1.5 (perhaps used to using it on XO-1.0). Save
to Journal works.

Maze works

Record works

Memorize works

Speak 18 works, and the robot can answer questions which is great.

Record 86 works. It would be good to be able to adjust mic levels in

Arithmetic - on difficulty 10 (easiest?) was surprised by "5-9". We had
a ten year old and she wasn't sure what to do with that, put 4. Can't
see a way to not have negatives.

We let one XO-1.5 go to sleep on first restart (hadn't even named it
yet) and it froze. Cursor does not respond nor does keyboard. Restarted
and played with it. Let it go to sleep again and same problem - keyboard
and cursor not responsive. This was probably Shadow which is a prototype
and has some hardware issues with suspend and resume, with power saving
turned off, it is stable.


os870 on two XO-1.0s - "Twilight" build 870 0.92.2 Q2E45 wireless
firmware 5.110.22.p23 and "Shrek" build 870 0.92.2 Q2E45 wireless
firmware 5.110.22.p23

Record 92 - has new buttons for image capture, video and audio! The
black outline makes them much more clear, great improvement. When you
record video or audio the start button is in the centre but the end
button is to the left, this requires you to move the cursor which means
you might record more than you wanted while you navigate to the stop
button. It would be good to be able to adjust mic levels in Record.

Implode works

Maze 9 works

Speak 25 - when first starting there is a polite "please type
something", lovely. Robot cannot answer basic questions. Can change
pitch and rate. Can change eyes and mouth. Note that the Speak in the
Australian build does have a working robot.

Clock - is the "nice" clock numberless to help kids learn to read the
time without the numbers? Digital clock has a cute colour coded display
that appears to show time as percentage of a bar. Display time in full
letters does not fit on the screen so at "12:27:30AM" all you can read
is "twenty-seven minutes past m" because it aligns too far to the right.
Display weekday and date moves the writing to the centre which means you
can read it all :-) and the colour display for hours, minutes and
seconds seems to carry through, but the red colour is used again for day
and date which might be better in another colour. Talking clock is a bit
odd when it says "twenty nine minutes past midnight am"; it would make
more sense if it said "twenty nine minutes past twelve am", but then
"twenty nine minutes to one am" does work. Overall this is a nice
activity (I had a digital watch given to me by my parents when I was six
and had to learn to read analogue clock at teachers college which was a
bit embarrassing).

Memorize works, tested all 3 preconfigured games and also created a
game, played it successfully.

Abacus 19 - broke it! managed to get the beads to fall off the bottom of
the abacus by changing the factor. Changing rows to 1 and then
increasing fixes it but reset button does not.
This was weird enough that I retested it at home. Messed with all the
settings in create your own abacus and broke it again. You have to move
beads first then change the base or factor, eventually it breaks.

Paint 34 - massive improvements since last time tested. Image importing
works, as does manipulation like resizing and flipping. Can change the
fill and outline colours of shapes - yay! and can change the brush size
- yay! Really happy with performance of this activity and all its new

Tamtam mini - works

Pippy - played some examples successfully

Ruler - surprised no inches, but happy to see the right measurement
units being used

Calculator - inverse of a number is misleadingly shown as, for example,
4.5-1, in the results pane, where "-1" is not a superscript.

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