[Testing] Testing summary - Auckland New Zealand, 8 January 2010

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Sun Jan 9 01:47:17 EST 2011

Testing summary - Auckland New Zealand, 8 January 2010

Who: Fabiana, Jerome, Nevyn, Peter, Robin, Tabitha, Tom

Welcome Jerome (game designer) and Peter (GIS coder). This test report is
coming in stages as the notes are coming from other people (I didn't take
notes myself this weekend).

Build os860 on XO-1.0 sharing over mesh
Implode, ok
Memorise, share over mesh between 2 computers, shared ok at the 3 levels
Maze: Sharing started ok but then one of the computer freezes. In an
instance sharing between 3 computers, even though the one that started the
maze froze, the two other players could continue to play ok (probably freeze
rather than crash?), tested on more XO-1.0s and found that there were often
events where one would crash and drop out of the shared Maze activity
Write: Shared up to 6 users ok. Could bring pictures by pasting from
clipboard or by importing. Had only one instance of one XO not getting one
users contributions once off - it may have fallen asleep and when we woke it
up it started getting other XO contributions again
Chat between 2 computers ok
Record: did photo, audio and video ok
Measure: causes too much delay on cursor control when it is running
Tim Tam mini: Drum set labelling interchanged between south american and
electronic (this was raised a couple of times before but I can't find the
ticket right now (and the search on dev.laptop.org seems very buggy, filters
keep disappearing)
Question: Why is the harpsicord among the strings and not with the
keyboards? Keyboard set has the alien and the flower in the set.
Turtle art/blocks/whatever: ok

Suggestion: When new chat messages are written can notification go to the
other users who are in the shared chat?
Observation: Stop button looks like an old Chinese coin
Observation: Wikipedia is missing from this activity set, can it be added?

Build au852-4 on XO-1.5:
We can confirm that as previously reported, this build does not recognize
some adhoc networks and indeed this build is affected by
http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2488 networks with names longer than 8
characters are recognised.
Further details on this build to come.

Investigated two broken XO-1.5s:
Shadow, an XO 1.5 B2, failed to boot most of the time because the kernel
can't find the root filesystem. The kernel log displayed on screen showed
the SD card present with the expected partitioning. I think it is a timing
problem as boot options (holding down some of the game keys in a failed
attempt to boot from USB) seemed to make it boot. We swapped the SD card
with that from Tank and this seems to have resolved the problem -- both
Shadow and Tank seem to boot. Shadow seems to hang if you turn it on and
leave it alone for a few minutes, this seems to be fixed by turning off
power management which isn't all that surprising considering the B2's
prototype hardware faults. I reinstalled the screen too far up, so you can't
quite see the first lines of pixels.

Tank, an XO 1.5 C2, has no wifi. We believe Tank's wifi was zapped by static
electricity as outlined in
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XO1.5_WLAN_ESD_protection We performed the fix to
prevent any further damage but suspect this laptop will require a new wifi

Thanks testers
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